A Podcast Series with Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Hoerig

COMMERCE TOMORROW is a podcast series hosted by tech entrepreneurs and ecommerce veterans Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Hoerig discussing the latest developments and technologies used at global brands and retailers that are at the forefront of growth and innovation. Listen in to interviews with recognized technology leaders and learn how technology is driving their business.
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#027 Microservices At Scale With Zalando's Head Of Product Offer Platform

Jan Hegewald, head of Zalando's product offer platform, joined Dirk and Kelly to discuss how Europe's largest and most innovative online fashion retailer manages its 2,000+ microservices across 200+ teams, with its 2,000+ technical employees. In this episode, we discuss how Zalando is structured, how they balance the need for centralization vs. the need for distributed innovation, their engagement with various open source communities, how they've instilled a culture of technical innovation and evangelism, and more.

#026 Commerce Technology At Moonpig, One Of World's Largest DNVBs

Ronan Tighe, CPO of Moonpig, talks about their business model, why they as a DNVB have the role of CPO, how they roadmap, and what their current and future tech stack looks like. Ronan was formerly head of product at Net-a-Porter & Mr Porter

#025 From the OMS to Container Ships: Deep Dive With Infor's Corey Tollefson

Corey is SVP and General Manager for Retail and Fashion at Infor where he oversees their broad portfolio of retail and supply chain-related technology. Infor is a 17,000 person company that powers the back office of many retailers and brands, providing software from the OMS down to the software that tracks individual containers on container ships. From his vantage point, a commerce platform is the "front end." In this episode, we go deep on Corey's experience with Oracle's retail business unit, his experience forming Infor's retail strategy and business unit, the state of retail software, and more

#024 Endeca Co-founder And Chief Scientist And World's Leading Search Expert Talks Search

From the founding team of Endeca to Google to LinkedIn and beyond, Dr. Daniel Tunkelang talks through the early days of Endeca, his pioneering work at Google and LinkedIn and his life as one of the world's top freelance search consultants for companies like Flipkart, Pinterest, Yelp, Salesforce, and Apple. We talk through voice search, machine learning, the origins of Kafka at LinkedIn, popular commercial search products for commerce, and more. Connect with him at @dtunkelang, www.linkedin.com/in/dtunkelang, and queryunderstanding.com #CommerceTomorrow #iTunes #podcast Podcast all Platforms linktr.ee/commercetomorrow commercetomorrow.com/ twitter.com/commerce2morrow @commercetomorrow www.facebook.com/CommerceTomorrow www.instagram.com/commercetomorrow/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCsZHLe6S…iew_as=subscriber

#023 Express's Commerce Platform Journey With Brendan Gualdoni

Dirk and Kelly sit down with Express's VP of Enterprise Architecture, Commerce and Enterprise Integration, Brendan Gualdoni to discuss how commerce platforms have changed over the decades and how Express has modernized their stack over the past few years. Brendan spent many years at Sears, which was an early eCommerce pioneer in the 1990's and later moved to Express where he's responsible for eCommerce technology and architecture

#022 Inventory Optimization With Celect CEO John Andrews

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly sit down with John Andrews to discuss inventory optimization, product management, Oracle Commerce (he used to lead product management for Oracle Commerce), and entrepreneurship

#021 Commerce Platform Trends With Gartner's Jeff Skowron

As a senior commerce architect for AT&T's managed hosting group and now senior analyst at Gartner, Jeff has seen and driven many of the major commerce platform trends out there, from headless to microservices to GraphQL. In this episode, Dirk and Kelly geek out with Jeff over these trends and more

#020 Content And Commerce - Geeking Out With Brian Walker

From Forrester, to hybris, to Accenture and Now Amplience, Brian has been a key player in the commerce platform space and is now applying his experience to the commerce-adjacent space of content management in his role as Chief Strategy Officer of Amplience. In this episode, Kelly and Brian go deep and talk through his career, the challenges he sees related to the commerce and content spaces, and where enterprise IT is heading.

#019: Digital Experience Automation From The Client To The Origin CDNs, ADCs And More!

Dirk and Kelly speak with Sumit Dhawan, CEO of Instart about the increasingly sophisticated space between clients and the origin. Think next generation CDN-style technology. Instart has raised more than $140m from a who's who of Silicon Valley investors including A16Z and Kleiner Perkins to revolutionize this space

#018: All Things Marketing Technology

Scott Brinker joins us to talk about the marketing technology landscape. As a well known author, speaker, founding CEO, and MarTech Chair, Scott Brinker demystifies the world of marketing technology and talks about its intersections with the commerce platform space.

#017: API-driven Content Management with Contentful's Head of Product

Contentful is the rising start of the content management space, having grown from 30 to 200 employees over the space of just three years. In this episode, Kelly sits down with contentful's head of product, Peter Sunna, to talk about their rapid growth, where they fit in the content management landscape, contentful's intersection with commerce, their embrace of GraphQL and open source more generally, and the Berlin tech scene among many other topics. Note: Unfortunately Dirk was unable to join, though he will be back in the next episode.

#016: Talking about the world of content with CMS-Connected

Dirk and Kelly talk through the intersection of the content and the commerce worlds with CMS-Connected reporters Laura Myers and Gabriella Pirrone. They talk about CMS-Connected's origins, what the content world (CMS/WCMS/DXP) space looks like, how it intersects with commerce, and what commerce innovations they're seeing from retailers, brands and software vendors.

#015: Changes in the Commerce Platform space

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly welcome James Wiltshire, ATG legend and co-founder of Gradient Edge. They makes sense of all the changes in the commerce platform space, from APIs to Machine Learning.

#014: State-of-the-Art Search with Twiggle

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly talk to Amir Konigsberg, CEO of Twiggle. They discuss what state-of-the-art search capabilities mean in commerce and which role AI and machine learning play.

#013: Next Generation Digital Experiences with BloomReach

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly speak to Raj De Datta CEO and Co-Founder at BloomReach. They talk about what the difference between a CMS, WCM, and DXP is, why it becomes increasingly important for brands and merchants to focus on delivering engaging experiences, how BloomReach uses AI and ML to support their platform, and what the reasoning behind BloomReach's acquisition of Hippo was.

#012: Digital Transformation at FTD

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly talk to Vamsi Muddada, CTO at FTD Companies. FTD is a floral wire service based in the US. Vamsi talks about the challenges of digital transformation, both on a technical as well as an organizational level. He also explains how to merge a multitude of legacy applications – involving almost every imaginable tech stack – to build a next generation commerce platform.

#011: Mobile Experiences with Mobify

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly talk to Drew Lau, VP Product at Mobify. Apart from mobile-first strategies in general, they talk about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as well as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and discuss which business benefits brands and retailers can expect from using those technologies.

#010: Cultural Shifts, Cloud Business, and Developer Relations at Microsoft

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly talk to Bruno Borges, Developer Advocate at Microsoft. They discuss how, in the recent years, Microsoft has shifted its culture, became successful in the cloud business and has also managed to focus stronger on developer relations. Bruno also touches on the recent acquisition of Github and gives his views on the development of the Java platform. Bruno regularly shares content on Twitter: @brunoborges

#009: How to Establish an Engineering Culture at Target

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly talk to Joel Crabb, VP Architecture for Target. Joel talks about how Target, being a very large retailer, has more than 3000 applications which need to be managed and run to support business. This is made possible by providing the right architectural vision and by establishing an engineering culture.

#008: Digitizing Brick and Mortar Retail

In this episode, Alexander Ringsdorff, Vice President of Corporate Development at NewStore, Inc. talks about the new startup from Intershop and Demandware founder Stephan Schambach and how they support physical retail with their mobile apps.

#007: Taking Care of No-Downtime Deployments and Monitoring

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly talk to Olaf Molenveld, CTO and co-founder of Vamp. He talks about their platform VAMP and how it enables retailers to plan and monitor the deployment of their applications.

#006: Building a Successful System Integration Business

In this episode, Kelly talks to Jess Moore, founder and CEO of 3Share, one of the largest Adobe SI's. Jess talks about how they got started and why it makes sense for a service provider to focus on just one software vendor.

#005: From eCommerce Manager to Investor

In this episode, Dirk and Kelly welcome Jeremy Muras, SVP Digital at Lion Capital and the former VP Digital Commerce of Burberry. They talk about the challenges of the luxury industry and the investor's view on digital commerce. Also, they discuss the idea of the "platform" economy and which brands Lion Capital has invested in.

#004: How Do You Innovate in Large Companies?

Martin Wild is the Chief Innovation Officer at MediaSaturn, the largest retailer of consumer electronics in Europe. He talks to Dirk and Kelly about how they work together with startups and small teams to drive innovation in such a large company. Martin gives the example of “Saturn Express,” a store which has no cash register, so customers can choose the products they like and leave - the payment is made in the background automatically.

#003: The Secret Sauce of Shoptalk

This episode of CommerceTomorrow has been recorded live at the Shoptalk conference 2018 in Las Vegas. Dirk and Kelly talk to Zia Daniell Wigder, Chief Content Officer of Shoptalk Ventures. She talks about the beginnings of the show, which in its third year pulled an audience of more than 8,000 people. Zia also discusses how to attract and present a premium line-up of speakers and make sure that retailers, system integrators, and software vendors are on equal ground and all benefit from the conference.

#002: How Do Retailers Improve Customer Experience?

For this episode of CommerceTomorrow, Dirk and Kelly have invited John Panella, Group Vice President at SapientRazorfish. As John has been in this position for almost 16 years now and knows hundreds of customer projects in the e-commerce space, he shares his views on the recent technological developments. He talks about how retailers currently seek to improve in-store experience by features like extended aisle or different sorts of clienteling apps. Other topics in this episode is the ability to be more nimble by changing the organization to vertical teams, and the strategy of decomposing the monolith and go for a headless architecture.

#001: So It Begins

In this pilot episode, Dirk Hoerig and Kelly Goetsch introduce themselves and talk about what listeners can expect from their weekly CommerceTomorrow podcast.

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