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#024 Endeca Co-founder And Chief Scientist And World's Leading Search Expert Talks Search

From the founding team of Endeca to Google to LinkedIn and beyond, Dr. Daniel Tunkelang talks through the early days of Endeca, his pioneering work at Google and LinkedIn and his life as one of the world's top freelance search consultants for companies like Flipkart, Pinterest, Yelp, Salesforce, and Apple. We talk through voice search, machine learning, the origins of Kafka at LinkedIn, popular commercial search products for commerce, and more. Connect with him at @dtunkelang, www.linkedin.com/in/dtunkelang, and queryunderstanding.com #CommerceTomorrow #iTunes #podcast Podcast all Platforms linktr.ee/commercetomorrow commercetomorrow.com/ twitter.com/commerce2morrow @commercetomorrow www.facebook.com/CommerceTomorrow www.instagram.com/commercetomorrow/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCsZHLe6S…iew_as=subscriber

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